Travel in Black and White / by Sara Weir

Travel. I love to do it. And I love to come home. There's that moment - or the day - before I leave where I'm trying to neatly wrap up my life at home so it will make it through while I'm away and I wish I could just stay home. Then, while I'm away, I have these beautiful quiet moments that become these nuggets I treasure. I realize new things and come home refreshed and renewed with love for the things I missed while I was away. It's such a tug and pull. 

Honestly I stopped taking photos when I traveled a few years ago. My hands were full of other things and I hated feeling weighed down by gear and sucked into hours of editing once the trip ended. Then film entered my life. Specifically black and white film. I fell in love with photographing my journeyings again.

Here are the few that made me fall in love again.

All contax645 and KodakHP5 400