Many Hands / by Sara Weir

So many hands.

Weddings are such beautiful events. So many hands are involved throughout the day. Hands that have spent hours dreaming, conceptualizing, and preparing to make something from nothing. It's a process I love. I love hearing about it, learning about it, watching it, and of course photographing it.

This shoot was born from the desire to create and explore that creativity. It was something personal to explore the intimate process of creating beauty and what that means and how to bring it to fruition? It follows the creative gathering, arranging, and serving. The evening evolves and the table changes. The bride leaves her flowers and rests her head.

It's a beautiful story and one I love to tell, again and again.

            Florals and Collaborator Brie Walter | Gown Joanna August | Model Mollie Madrid | Artisan Bread Jayson Weir | Silks Silk and Willow