Bringing Her Home / by Sara Weir

Writing a blog is scary, for me. I Do not consider myself a writer. but i am a photographer. and as a photographer i have images, so many images. lately I've been feeling like these images are dying a slow death on my hard drive. it made me want to create a place where these images could live. a place where they can be seen and their stories can be told. in essence, a place where they can live and breathe. 

the easy part was knowing what i would share first. this newborn session is as near to my heart as it gets. these friends are really family. i hope you can feel the love i felt as I photographed them in their home as they brought home baby Rose. 

But I didn't want to just share my words. i also wanted to share their story because it is filled with so much strength. here is what my dear friend damaris shared about this time:

Joy is what I felt when Michael and I brought our daughter Rose home for the first time. Although I already had two daughters,I felt like the luckiest women to get to bring this beautiful baby home with me.  Two years ago when I gave birth to my second daughter Luciana, I wasn't able to bring her home right away.  Instead of coming home to loving parents and an excited sister,  Luciana went into the NICU and was kept there for the first month of her life due to being born with a chromosomal 8 abnormality. After Luciana's birth Michael and I were to busy wrapping our head around her diagnosis and her many Dr's appointments that we didn't get to capture Lucianas first days at home.  It was as if we skipped those precious newborn moments. Two and a half years later our third baby girl was born.  This time around there were no complications, and no visits to the NICU. Bringing Rose home meant a great deal to us.  Even though the days that followed were exhausting and sleep deprived, I couldn't help but smile at how happy and blessed I felt to have Rose in our lives and I wanted to make sure this time we captured it. It is one of the moments in whichI felt the most at peace in my life as—and in my role as a Mother. It was the moment when my family became more complete. It was a moment that if not captured may be forgotten. 

- Damaris


canonEOS3 | 35mm | portra 400

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