Something Meaningful / by Sara Weir

When I got married I couldn't look forward and see all the things we would face together.

I couldn't possibly have known what that would mean or how those things would effect our relationship. Which brings me to these two beautiful people. In the years since they've met, married, and grown their family they have faced life's ultimate lows as well as it's joyous highs together. It's changed them as individuals and strengthened their union in ways they couldn't have foreseen.  They wanted to do something to celebrate and acknowledge the life they share together. 

They planned a quiet weekend and exchanged vows that reflected who they are together now; wiser from experience, more patient, and those little things that add up to real romance. They exchanged heartfelt and handwritten vows which were beautifully presented in a booklet designed by Refine Studio. She surrounded the vows with images of their family. They also included cake, a significant constant for them and candlelight. 

Finally we stopped in downtown LA to take portraits. It was a beautiful day and felt so perfectly unique for the two of them.

Florals and styling Pavan Floral

dress Heidi Merrick | vow booklets Refine Studio | ribbons and napkins Silk and Willow | candlesticks Notary Ceramics | jewelry Myers Collective | cake The Good Cookies